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It was already mentioned that mesothelioma can attack the stomach. When it attacks the stomach, some of the symptoms that occur are swelling, pain, too extreme weight loss, and nausea.

To help you avoid or solve this problem, you can visit our website. There, you will also find our mesothelioma lawyers firm and they can help you to claim your rights if you suffer from this disease because of the fault of another party. If you know someone who has gone through the same or a similar legal problem you are having, ask them for advice.

If your siblings or even parents have mesothelioma, you may have an increased risk of this disease. If you are undergoing radiation therapy for chest cancer, you are more likely to have mesothelioma. If you have risk factors, one of which is exposure to asbestos and has respiratory problems, and a cough that is long enough, immediately consult a doctor. To do an examination, you can immediately make an appointment with the doctor of your choice at the hospital.